We just got this lovely email from Gabriel (Gabe) Lewis-O’Conner, who recently did a weekend of choral workshops with the Stairwell Carollers choir here in Ottawa. It was a really inspiring event in preparation towards our first public choral concert since Christmas 2019!

The whole choir was thrilled to see him again and I will post more about the workshops soon.

Hi Pete (and the whole group)-

I just wanted to write a quick note and tell you how much I have been thinking about all of you leading up to your concert this Saturday.

It makes me so happy to see that the concert is moving ahead, and it seems like you have a pretty solid registration for tickets at this point. Those in the audience are so lucky to be a part of what you all will share.

Gabe Lewis O'Conner and Director Pierre Massie

Gabe Lewis O’Conner and Director Pierre Massie

I am confident that all of the effort it has taken to keep singing through the pandemic and then to come back together to sing in person will manifest in the passion, joy,  and personal storytelling that this repertoire allows.

Please know that I will be in the audience in spirit, beaming and clapping more loudly than anyone (even if you can’t actually see or hear me). I feel like my weekend working on this music with the group allowed me a rare glimpse into how this concert has evolved, and what this music means to each person singing it.

Bass, Richard, takes the lead for a concert song

Bass, Richard, takes the lead for a concert song

Send my love to everyone, and I can’t wait to hear how the concert goes. I hope everyone has recovered fully that was ill, and you have the full compliment of healthy boisterous singers!

Much love from Kansas,


We’re looking for a few good Men!

The Stairwell Carollers are seeking tenors and basses to join our safe, fully vaccinated choral ensemble. A solid voice, a good ear, a great attitude, and proof of vaccination are all candidates need to qualify. Reading music is an asset but not a necessity.

Auditions for tenors and basses continue till August 2022 or until positions are filled. Auditions are held via zoom, Skype or Facetime. During the audition, the candidate must have access to software to read PDFs and play MP3 files.

Contact Holly at info@stairwellcarollers.com to set up your audition time.

Pierre Massie created our a cappella choir in 1977 while he was a music student at Ottawa University. With wins in both the 2010 and 2013 Ontario Music Festival Association competitions, we are ranked among the best of Ontario choirs. 

A registered Canadian charity, The Carollers also help local charities with net proceeds from concert tickets, CD and cookbook sales.  Since 1997 we have donated over $143,800 to local charities and scholarships.