Many many thanks to Wes Smiderle for the beautiful article in the May/June edition of the Manor Park Chronicle. He got us the entire page!

I’m sure this will be a lot of help in our search for male voices to top up the choir for the coming Christmas season.

Check us out on page 40 in the May/June Manor Park Chronicle

Pg 40 Manor Park Chronicle May/June 2022

Pg 40 Manor Park Chronicle May/June 2022


“The music ascends to the rafters, the choral voices surging from moments of delicate precision to a rousing, victorious force. Whether it’s a medieval carol, or a wry French chanson from the Renaissance, or more modern music, the Stairwell Carollers know their way around a song.”

“In the 1990’s The Stairwell Carollers recorded an album which helped raise over $50,000 (- For Ottawa Ronald McDonald House – more in-depth history HERE), which sparked their philanthropic goals.”

“Now, as the Carollers plan for concerts in their 45th year, Pierre is focused on recruiting more voices, a move that will expand the choir’s vocal toolbox and allow the group to tackle a more diverse range of music.

Thanks to Cheryl, soprano, for asking Wes to cover the choir for his excellent local paper. Thanks to Doug Banks for spending so much time with us at rehearsal to get the perfect shots for the article.

Last minute runthrough before the June 4th Spring Concert

Last minute runthrough before the June 4th Spring Concert

We’re looking for a few good Men!

The Stairwell Carollers are seeking tenors and basses to join our safe, fully vaccinated choral ensemble. A solid voice, a good ear, a great attitude, and proof of vaccination are all candidates need to qualify. Reading music is an asset but not a necessity.

Auditions for tenors and basses continue till August 2022 or until positions are filled. Auditions are held via zoom, Skype or Facetime. During the audition, the candidate must have access to software to read PDFs and play MP3 files.

Contact Holly at to set up your audition time.

About The Stairwell Carollers:

Pierre Massie created our a cappella choir in 1977 while he was a music student at Ottawa University. With wins in both the 2010 and 2013 Ontario Music Festival Association competitions, we are ranked among the best of Ontario choirs. 

A registered Canadian charity, The Carollers also help local charities with net proceeds from concert tickets, CD and cookbook sales.  Since 1997 we have donated over $143,800 to local charities and scholarships.