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Sad Departure – The Stairwell Interviews

Sad Departure – The Stairwell Interviews

It’s not always that when a singer departs, she leaves a gaping hole in our hearts. 
That rhymes! How fitting! Katherine style. 
I’ll mostly miss her devilishly adorable sense of humour, her dancing with and miming out song lyrics, her fantastic crochet and knit creations, her beautiful photos – and, well, just HER. 

Director, Pierre Massie, has composed many original pieces for the choir, as well as creating lively and contemporary arrangements of traditional carols.

One of his original carols, “Mourning Dove”, caught the ear of Canada’s Dominion Carillonneur, Dr. Andrea McCrady, via YouTube. She performed “Mourning Dove” on the Peace Tower Carillon at 12:00 noon, and again at 3:00 pm, Monday Dec 17th. and again in her summer program for 2014. She continues to perform his music to this day.

Les Chanteurs Stairwell forment un choeur a cappella d’Ottawa, qui chante la musique sacrée et profane de la Renaissance, ainsi que des noëls traditionnels et nouveaux.

The Stairwell Carollers, an a cappella Ottawa choir, sing sacred and secular music from all eras, as well as settings of traditional and contemporary Christmas carols.

With FIRST PLACE in the OMFA Provincial 2010 and 2013 and SECOND in the FCMF National 2010 competitions, they are ranked amongst the best of Ottawa choirs.

As a registered charity, The Stairwell Carollers net proceeds of cd sales and concert tickets have provided $144,819 in scholarships and donations to local charities.